14 Signs You Go To Texas Tech

1. Whether it’s blowing dust in the spring or snow flurries in the winter, your face will be assaulted. 


You can count on the wind blowing at at least 50 miles per hour every day.

2. Your wallet feels a little lighter after a Thursday night at Chimy’s. 

Photo from chimys.com.

Photo from chimys.com.

Or Fuzzy’s. Or Ruby Tequila’s. Basically anywhere with margaritas.

3. You would go home more often, but then you remember how long it takes to get there. 


Lubbock is at least five hours away from major Texas cities. Mom and Dad can just come here instead.

4. For many ladies, getting dressed in the morning consists of picking which pair of Nike shorts and oversized t-shirt to wear that day. 

Picture from theodysseyonline.com.

Picture from theodysseyonline.com.

Class in 10 minutes? No problem, throw your hair up in a messy bun, and you’re done!

5. Finding out that there is a world beyond 34th Street. 


“Wait, we have a Kohl’s? Where is it?”

6. You have a crush on Kliff. 

Hey girl, good job at life today. Picture from foxsports.com.

Hey girl, good job at life today. Picture from foxsports.com.

No matter the score, we all admire his dedication to the game. Some of us also admire his abs.

7. You wish you had a golf cart to get around campus. 


Picture courtesy of Texas Tech University.

Texas Tech is the second largest contiguous campus in the United States.

8. You have a picture with Raider Red. 

Picture from redraider.com.

Picture from redraider.com.

He’s the biggest celebrity on campus.

9. You will never be satisfied with parking. 


But, learn how to avoid getting tickets here!

10. A kayak is a required school supply. 

27th Street flooded in Lubbock. Picture by Casey Smith.

27th Street flooded in Lubbock. Picture by Casey Smith.

The streets turn into rivers when it rains.

11. Changing your eRaider password is the hardest assignment you will have all semester.


It must contain a capital letter, two elements from the periodic table, the age when you learned to ride a bike and an emoji.

12. Pretty much everyone has gotten on the wrong bus… and has been late to class because of it. 

Picture from parking.ttu.edu.

Picture from parking.ttu.edu.

The Masked Rider bus may get you to Holden Hall, but it will go to satellite parking as well. Choose wisely!

13. You dream of the day you get to rush the field. 

Picture from sbnation.com.

Picture from sbnation.com.

Win or lose, you know we wreck’d ’em. There is nothing more exciting than a game at The Jones.

14. Your Red Raider pride will last forever.

Entertainment Director Erin Willis and I at our first football game in 2013.

Erin Willis and I at our first football game in 2013.

Other people don’t understand your love for your school, and that’s okay. Raider love is deep and lasts a lifetime.


Thanks, and Wreck ‘Em!

About Sarah Self-Walbrick

Graduate Executive Director — Mass Communication Graduate Student, Class of 2017
Sarah, a Lubbock native, has two bachelor of art degrees in electronic media and communication and journalism, and is pursuing a master's in mass communications. She loves Texas, her husband and dog, and good storytelling.


  1. rajasekhar yajjala says:

    all of the points are accurate . But some are amazingly to the point. I have been into masked raider and sat for 15 mins to get to my stop.

  2. Raider Red says:

    #1 is false. Doesn’t blow everyday in Lubbock 50 mph. Been a beautiful summer. In fact the average wind speed in Dallas is greater than Lubbock.

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