Inside Peek: Ad Team,Third/Fourth Meeting

The third meeting could not take place due to Meet the Professionals Night.

Fourth Meeting

Mack Owen opened his home to students to meet many professionals in the field. This night is a great opportunity to network and talk about what happens after graduation. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it, and I am still very disappointed.
We decided to meet on a Thursday, instead of Tuesday, because of that night. Of course, I have class Thursday evenings from 6 – 9 p.m. and was unable to make that meeting. I was told later that it was very short.

Before the fourth meeting, my group and I met up to discuss what our plans were for getting research for the team. Primary research, in my terms, means that we go out and collect information from consumers by either surveys or focus groups and observe their purchasing habits. To me, it is very interesting to find out what drives people to certain products over another. There are many outside factors and influences that people do not think about right away and researchers have to dig to find this valuable information. Our group discussed what procedures we would take to get this information, and I must say that it will be exciting!

Our meeting was pretty short in comparison to previous meetings. I was told that most ad team meetings would be long because we have a lot to cover in a short amount of time and most Tuesday nights would be consumed. It can be difficult for me because I am involved in so many other activities that my evenings are usually spent doing things other than homework, which is good that I barely have any.

We started off the meeting by going over the details for our annual fundraising bowling tournament and silent auction. This is how we raise the money to go to competition in the spring. It seemed pretty standard. Each person is required to get a team of three to six people for $200 to compete. We also have to try to get donations for the silent auction. For me, that might be a little more difficult since I do the same thing for my job and have already hit up most of Lubbock. At this point, I would not be surprised if people starting blocking my email address.

For the rest of the meeting each group’s director gave a PowerPoint presentation about what their group worked on, what information they needed from research, and what their ideas were for the campaign so far. Safe to say it was an exciting meeting. I could tell that everyone had really great ideas and is very passionate about this competition. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us!

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