Adulting 101: How to be a Good Driver

This segment of the Hub@TTU’s Adulting 101 series helps students become safer drivers. Automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of fatalities in the United States, not to mention they can be incredibly expensive.

Never fear, Christian has a few tips on how to be a safe and courteous driver. This video covers many common driving scenarios that often result in a crash if the drivers are careless, Christian explains how to navigate these situations with no damage to your sweet ride.

Part of being a responsible adult is being a safe and courteous driver. Our advice isn’t just for the benefit of the viewer, it’s for everyone else that shares the road with our viewer. Driving can be incredibly dangerous, cars are large, metal, heavy machines that can cause great damage if not operated properly. If people commit to being courteous drivers, then everyone can enjoy the fun and independence that driving offers.

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