Insomnia Cookies Come To Lubbock

By Caitlyn Nix

Ever gotten home from a night out on the town with your friends and craved something sweet to eat, but it was too late to bake anything?

If so, then Insomnia Cookies is the place for you.


Caitlyn Nix/The Hub@TTU

Insomnia Cookies just opened its first location in Texas, in our very own Lubbock. The new store is located at 1301 University Ave., right across from the campus bookstore — a prime spot for students who might have spent the night out at Chimy’s or Crickets on Broadway.

Megan Bruton, senior director of marketing at Insomnia Cookies, said the store will deliver warm, delicious cookies until 3 a.m. The store offers nine traditional varieties of cookies and three “deluxe” types, along with ice cream, brownies, cookie cakes and milk.”


Caitlyn Nix/The Hub@TTU

Bruton said the Lubbock and Tech community is a perfect fit for the company.

“I cannot express how excited we are to be able to open and serve the Lubbock community,” she said. “Being a Texas Tech alumna myself, I am thrilled to be able to bring our product to Lubbock.”

Allen Kalebjian, a senior electronic media major was one of the many students who tried Insomnia Cookies during opening week.

“When I first heard about it, I thought it was a weird concept for a store and probably wouldn’t work,” Kalebjian said. “But after going there after the bars, I can see it working. It was pretty busy even late night and the cookies were great so now I can see this getting a lot of business from college kids.”


Caitlyn Nix/The Hub@TTU

Megan Crabtree, a graduate student at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, also tested out the new delivery store.

“Lubbock has needed more delivery places, and what could be better than people who can deliver cookies until 3 a.m.?” Crabtree said. “The cookies were delicious, and I can’t wait to order more again.”

Bruton said to be sure and follow all of their social media accounts for special offers just for Lubbock.

Twitter: @insomniacookies

Instagram: @insomniacookiesofficial

Snapchat: cookiesVIP

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