Weekly Poll: Who Should Be the Next SGA Executive Officers?

Picture provided by Strive.

Picture provided by Strive.

Super Tuesday has come and gone, but there is another opportunity for you to vote in a different election next week.

There are two campaign blocs hoping for your vote, with four executive candidates each.

Campaign bloc Strive is made up of presidential candidate Ben Sharp, external vice presidential candidate Alex DeRossi, internal vice presidential candidate Witt Westbrook and graduate vice presidential candidate Kevin Koestler.

Picture provided by OneTech 2016.

Picture provided by OneTech 2016.

Presidential candidate John Michael Getz, external vice presidential candidate Chris Mitchell, internal vice presidential candidate Larken Lundgren and graduate vice presidential candidate Chelsea Clark are running with OneTech 2016.

Voting will occur on March 8 and 9.

Check out all of The Hub@TTU’s election coverage, and practice voting in our poll below!

Although certain Hub staff members may or may not support various campaigns, their views or opinions do not reflect those of The Hub@TTU as a whole. In the interest of fairness, The Hub@TTU will not be endorsing a particular campaign.

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