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You may have told Mom and Dad you were at the library sometime this semester, but you were really at the OTHER library in the Depot District. If your grades are struggling from too many Thirsty Thursdays, here are some cool and quiet hangouts in Lubbock to conduct a better relationship with your textbooks.

Coffee Shops 

Caffeine is essential for a successful study session. Why not hang out where you get your brew? J&B Coffee Co. at 26th and Boston has a great atmosphere and a lot of room for group meetings. Starbucks is a classic study locale. For ultimate peace and quiet, try one a little further away from campus. They are never as packed. Yellow House Coffee on 34th Street is another great place to spread out your work and get started.

Picture by Cara Vandergriff.

Picture by Cara Vandergriff.


I know this seems obvious, but there are some hidden spots besides the library that are perfect for studying. If you are into the library, the fifth floor stacks are usually the least crowded. The Student Union Building is also a great location. Go up to the second floor for a little bit of quiet. There are even solitary rooms you can hang out in, but they are almost always full. Get there early! Some other favorite spots are the third floor of the Media and Communication Building and the study carrels around Holden Hall. If you like to study outdoors, there are some secluded tables between the Agriculture Pavilion and the Southwest Collection buildings that are awesome.

Picture courtesy of Texas Tech.

Picture courtesy of Texas Tech.


Studying at home can be difficult. Personally, I tend to get distracted by other things that I could be doing. But, you don’t have to put pants on, so that is a plus. When studying at home, try to minimize distractions by turning off the television. If you need to read and do not need the Internet, turn your Wi-Fi off so you will not be tempted to check your Twitter and Facebook feed.


Meeting Rooms

Most apartments have some kind of meeting room available for residents. These are ideal for group meetings or just a change in scenery from your bedroom. Some apartments require residents to reserve meeting rooms, so book ahead and make sure you do not barge in on someone else’s time.


The Lubbock libraries are extremely underutilized. Show them some love, and get quality studying done in a quiet environment. You may even be able to find other resources for studying that you could not find elsewhere, like an obscure book. There are three libraries fairly close to campus. Be sure to check them out!

Photo courtesy of Lubbock Centennial.

Photo courtesy of Lubbock Centennial.

Now, stop browsing the Internet, and GO STUDY!

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