10 Reasons Why Lubbock Isn’t Boring

In a recent article posted by movoto.com, a real estate website, Lubbock was ranked the most boring place to live in America.

Only cities with populations greater than 100,000 were ranked, and cities such as Plano, Texas, and Laredo, Texas, were deemed more interesting.

Now, I was born and raised right here and I can testify why Lubbock is far from boring. In fact, there are 10 valid reasons that come to mind.

1. Nightlife

With the Depot District, Broadway, The Roof, and various other bars and clubs around town, it is easy to have a good night on the town.

Even though Broadway is targeted toward a younger, college atmosphere, it has a wide range of options for a fun-filled evening. Chimy’s is a favorite with its authentic Tex-Mex and margaritas to die for. Local Bar and Grill, and Crickets Grill and Draft House are also good choices if you choose to spend your night on Broadway, with live music at both venues. Mesquites is a local favorite and has special student drink specials weekly.


2. Day Time Activities

Lubbock is home to more than a dozen golf courses, as well as Buffalo Springs Lake and a few disc golf courses.

The Range is relatively new to the city and a great way to spend your afternoon. It is a golf range where you can come and hit a few balls or even rent out for an event.

Buffalo Springs Lake is “The Oasis of West Texas”  and plays host to many events during the summer months, such as the West Texas Music Festival.


Photo courtesy hospitalitylubbock.com

3. Movie Theaters

Lubbock also introduced Alamo Draft House Cinema to its horizon this past April.

The new theater comes loaded with eight theaters and a full menu to order from while watching a film.


Photo courtesy lubbockonline.com

Premiere Cinema also made a debut in Lubbock back in 2012 and has an IMAX option for those who like to get nauseous during a film.

Lubbock is also home to Stars and Stripes Drive-In, where you can watch double features shows and eat at a 50’s themed cafe.

4. Restaurants

One of my favorite things to do when I am “bored” is to eat and Lubbock has you covered on that.

Not only does the city have fast food options such as Steak and Shake, Jimmy Johns, and my personal favorite, Sonic, it has a slew of unique restaurants that are native to the Hub City.

One new eatery to call Lubbock home is the Italian Garden. It has authentic italian food with a West Texas twist and has received spectacular ratings from UrbanSpoon.com.


Photo courtesy urbanspoon.com

If you are in the mood for breakfast food, The Pancake House, Cracker Barrel, and Lubbock Breakfast House have you covered. If you are in a hurry and just did not have time to make a bowl of cereal for the morning, or if you want a tall glass of freshly squeezed juice, you can pay Serios for Cereal a visit.

It is located on 19th just past University and has menu items from a simple bowl of cereal to an ice cream sandwich made with pop tarts.


Photo courtesy ttujournalism.com

Several new restaurants have opened up shop in the last few years, many in 2013-2014.

5. Kid Friendly

We cannot forget about the kids.

Lubbock Water Rampage makes a splash as the only water park in town, however, it has many new features and is evolving with its growing cliental.


Photo courtesy lubbockwaterrampage.com

The website shows pictures of the park now and plans for upcoming improvements.

Joyland has been serving the South Plains for more than 30 years and continues to bring thrills and excitement to the Lubbock community.

Main Event is also a great place for parties, a day of fun, or even just a bowling night with friends.

6. Music

Lubbock is the resting place of musical legend, Buddy Holly, and musicians are recognizing that. Recently, Jack White hand-picked playing in Lubbock for his only tour stop in Texas. Next weekend, music icon Paul McCartney will play at the United Spirit Arena.

Lubbock also has many outlets for live music and several venues that feature artists from all over the globe.

The Blue Light Live, located in the Depot District, has live concerts every week.


Photo courtesy of Facebook

7. Shopping

 Not only does Lubbock have the South Plains Mall, it has countless shopping opportunities all over the city. Yes, a Macy’s would be nice, but I have survived this long without one and I definitely have not become bored with the shopping opportunities available to me.

With boutiques being quite popular right now, Lubbock is a great place to get that one-of-a-kind look.

Piper is new to the Hub City and keeps customers on their toes. They get new product in every day and have an instagram account where shoppers can get daily deals.


Photo courtesy of Facebook

Cactus Alley and KK’s Craft Mall are also unique shopping experiences in Lubbock, and if you are looking to get a cute outfit for half the price, Plato’s Closet and Runway Fashion Exchange are resale stores that carry the latest trends for men and women.

8. Community Celebration

Holidays are a big time for the Lubbock community.

The annual Fourth on Broadway parade and street fair is fast approaching. Attendees can listen to live music, eat local cuisine, and shop from local venders.


Photo courtesy everythinglubbock.com

Every holiday season, Texas Tech University hosts the Carol of Lights, which illuminates the campus with holiday spirit.

You can also drive a few miles west to Wolfforth and ride the Polar Express. It takes a trip to The North Pole and tells the tale of the Polar Express along the way.

9. Art/History/Theatre

Lubbock has a culture with an abundance of local artists.

The First Friday Art Trail opens up local art to be viewed and appreciated by the community.

The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts is where art can be created, shared, and invented. It is also home to the Flatland Film Festival and many other unique, local born art installations.


Photo courtesy lhuca.org

The Ranching Heritage Center is an accumulation of West Texas history over the past several hundred years. They have events all year round, group tours available, and Christmas programs.

Lubbock is home to the Museum of Texas Tech and the Silent Wings Museum.

Finally, number 10…

Texas Tech University

I do not think I need to expand on this one.

Sun’s up, Guns up.








About Erin Willis

Erin is a senior journalism major from Ropesville, Texas. Her favorite things are art, music and food (of course). She hopes to be a multi-media journalist some day and will go where the wind blows her.


  1. Also a radio station that actuall plays local bands! How many other cities can say that?
    Red Dirt Rebel 105.3!

  2. Jennifer Gaines says:

    It’s important to realize that the survey was in comparison to other cities. Sure Lubbock may have restaurants, but definitely not as many as New York or other places like that. Additionally, if you read the survey it only addresses things that are in Lubbock all the time. Things like parades and concerts wouldn’t be included.

  3. This article is grasping at straws to paint this town in a better light. Depo district is just a collection of the saddest bars in Texas, these new restaurants are mostly fast food and are not considered fun to go destination, there is no worth while shopping to be had, and most of the live music is blah at best (btw time to let the buddy holly claim to fame go, it ain’t a good look).
    Everything else listed is just basic amenities any other city has and does better. Instead of getting butt hurt about being called the most boring (an fitting title) more should be done to fix it. More encouragement for local growth and not just a slue of fast food chains. Improve the depressing downtown and bring more commerce. Take that article and use it as a blue print for a better Lubbock instead of claiming nothing is wrong, because there is a lot wrong with this place.

    • slim jim says:

      Well said.. well said. I feel the author attempt to draw a bright happy picture of this place could only fool those who did not live here yet. This place is sure is horrible appearance wise and people wise. However, it is better than the sh*t hole towns surrounding it. Nothing but crime, dirt, and cow poop in the air that I have witnessed so far.

      • was there says:

        spent some time here. Walmart was a hit, Whataburger too. The dust and unlimited cotton fields helped along with the endless prison labor all looking for work. Tattoo’s a must. If you don’t have a prison record and no Tattoo’s you might end up as a manager or CEO of some company here. The dirt burms apartment buildings call lawn made mowing fun. Several parks I went to had bare spots of trampled Bermuda grass followed by the soothing puncture vine. Definitely ‘Church on Sunday’ and a meal afterwards, plaid shirts, and boots accompany the Sunday’s to do list. ‘Fixing’ , ‘Ye’all’ and you’re a Yankee are cool to hear. I’ve never been reminded so many times where I was…..’You’re in Texas’. Okay, I got it ! I did like the people, the rowdy stray dogs that can whoop any cities dogs ass. If you answer your phone, show up the same day and start the next day, your business is a hit. ‘We’ll git around to it’ doesn’t quite keep up. It doesn’t take a month to paint a house ! Some of the best come from the main 3 races and some of the worst. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics. No gay parades, which is good and no sandals worn.
        Waylon, Mac, Willie…..2livecrew …..Nah…. Those women’s accents are to die for; the women are tough and hot. I met many good people there living in a West Texas world which isn’t so bad compared to other places. I can say I have fond memories of my brief stay in Lubbock. Progress will eventually come, but in a way…not too soon. There’s still some charm left. City kid, out. Take care Lubbock.

  4. joe sanjuan says:

    The article states “one of my favorite things to do when im bored is eat and Lubbock has you covered”, Exactly! Thats all there is to do in Lubbock, is eat!! Thats why everyone is so damn over weight! Quit building restaurants and build more amusement parks for kids!!

  5. Why would anyone want to live in a %#@$ hole like Lubbock? Oh great! Theres a movie theatre and a Sonic. LOL are you serious? I feel great sadness for anyone living in this place.

  6. Happy Lubbock Resident says:

    Seriously, it’s not a bad town people. My big question is did you not do your research before you moved here? You are aware that as an adult in the United States of America that you have the freedom of choice to relocate, correct? I did, another state was my home for 20+ years and I decided that Lubbock was for me. Results will vary in any town. Some people dig Lubbock and some people hate it. I personally like Lubbock for my career path and ultimate goal of retirement Lubbock is perfect. I like the low cost of living, inexpensive property, generally friendly people, and quiet lifestyle. I’m not bored, I find enough to do but if you are bored then just move, it’s just that simple. Pack your bags, load your car, quit being a pussy and find somewhere else to live but for crying out loud homie stop trying to ruin it for everyone else. Get over yourselves, it’s not all about you.

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