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Slamming down energy drinks and filling up on pizza was the key to success for Delta Unknown, who won the 2014 Appathon on Feb. 22.

Team Glow Station received second place.

Team Glow Station received second place.

Three teams participated in this year’s competition, hosted by the College of Media and Communication and the Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering. Laredo Petroleum Inc. and Timeforge also sponsored the event. The 24-hour competition tasks participants with creating a mobile application in the short time span. This year’s theme was study abroad.

The competition started at 7 Friday night, and continued throughout the next day. Delta Unknown took the grand prize home, with Glow Station in second, and Bear Force One in third. At around 11 p.m., the teams had most of their concepts figured out, and were working on graphics and interface.

In a report by Randy Reddick, Ph.D., and professor of journalism, who helped found the event, all the apps were impressive. He wrote he was impressed with the graphics the teams were able to produce, and how much was accomplished in such a short time.

Team Delta Unknown took home the first place prize in the 2014 Appathon.

Team Delta Unknown took home the first place prize in the 2014 Appathon.

Team Bear Force One worked diligently through the night. Participants Alex Combs, Ethan Daniel, and Cole Newton had excellent ideas. Reddick wrote that the team received high scores in scalability, because the app would be relevant to one traveling abroad.

The gentlemen on team Glow Station were in high spirits five hours into the competition. Contestants Raphael Akinsipe, Paul Doran, Adam Henderson and Brandon Morris were willing to be interviewed, saying what’s a few minutes when you have 24 hours. The teammates were optimistic about their app.

“We don’t know how to code the app,” Henderson said, laughing. “But, we’re figuring it out. We’re really good at design. The apps going to look really nice.”

Food was provided to keep the participants energized.

Food was provided to keep the participants energized.

Delta Unknown, comprised of Carlos Alban, Rachit Kumar, Christopher Phelan and Sami Suteria, were the ultimate victors. Phelan and Kumar were added to the team after they registered as independent participants. Five hours into the competition, Alban said the team had not begun programming yet. He seemed surprised at how quickly time was passing, looking startlingly at his watch. Having participated in last year’s event, he knew what to expect.

“This is my second year, I’m excited to be back,” Alban said. “Our team won first place last year, so we’re hoping to do our best and hopefully win again!”

Nineteen hours later, Alban found out his team was the victor. After a lot of work and pizza slices, the competition finally came to a close.

Reddick said this year was much more successful than the last, and he hoped it will continue to grow.

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