10 Things To Know – Feb. 7

1. Legalizing Marijuana: Congress formally questioning the federal drug policy concerning marijuana. Time

2. Sandwich Statement: Gunman wanted to kill gay right’s opponents and smear Chik-fil-a sandwiches on victim’s faces to make a statement. CNN

3. Attack of The Drones: Discussion of legal justification for attacking or killing American citizens abroad that are considered terrorists. NYTimes

4. Gun Plans ProposedHouse Democrats will present 15 plans for gun control. AP

5. CBS Warns Grammy’s: CBS sends memo out telling artists appearing on camera they will not tolerate wardrobe malfunctions. NYPost

6. West Texas Boosts NRA: West Texas raises almost $450,000 in support of the NRA. AJ

7. Deal For Dell: Dell makes $24 million deal to become a private company. NYTimes

8. Oldest Human Jawbone: A half-million-year-old human jawbone was discovered in Serbia. LiveScience

9. Assassination Returns Attention: Chokri Belaid assassinated in Tunisia. Time

10. Fixing Flight Risk: Boeing working on battery change for 787 to reduce fire risk. Reuters

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