10 Things To Know : May 28

  1. The Caged Bird Flies On Prolific poet, author, and activist Maya Angelou, Ph.D., passed away this morning at her home in Winston-Salem, N.C. She was 86 years old. Angelou is best known for her 1969 autobiography “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.” Angelou has won numerous awards throughout her career and counted […]

10 Things To Know: April 16

1. Sir Paul McCartney Wants To See Cotton Fields Forever Hey Jude, and all Lubbockites for that matter, Texas Tech and the City of Lubbock announced this morning that Sir Paul McCartney will perform in the United Spirit Arena on June 14 — which happens to be Flag Day if anyone was wondering. Apparently, Sir […]

10 Things to Know: April 15

In case you have not heard, here is a list of the top news stories you should be aware of: 1. Yay for Tax Day Yes, it’s true. Today is the 2014 Internal Revenue Service tax filing deadline. Here’s some hints: If you qualify, you can file for extension until Oct. 15. Monthly payment plans […]

10 Things to Know Today

In case you have not heard, here is a list of the top news stories you should be aware of: 1. Heartbleed A bug, which is being called Heartbleed, was found in security software used by majority of the Internet. Basically, cybercriminals can use this bug to acquire information that should be encrypted. This has […]

Digging Up History – 10 Things To Know, May 6

1) Project Talent – Did any of your family go to Lubbock high school from 1960-1963? A national study is looking for graduates from that era to do a 53-year follow-up to aptitude tests given to over 440,000 high school students in those years. Lubbock Avalanche Journal 2) No Room for the Fallen – A Texas memorial […]

Merida, Meatless Lunches, and Masturbation Marathons – 10 Things to Know, May 3rd

Eleven Dancing Princesses: It’s official – Merida of Disney/Pixar’s “Brave” is set to officially join the other ten Disney princesses as Disney continues with its jackpot marketing strategy. – Huffington Post Cinderella Story: Speaking of Disney princesses, Mariah Carey renewed her wedding vows with husband Nick Cannon in a shut-down Disneyland, and in a princess […]

No One Likes PCs Anymore: 10 Things To Know – April 11

90-year-olds Are More Athletic Than You: 10 Things To Know – April 4

Korea, Viruses, And NCAA: 10 Things To Know – March 25

A Google Maps screenshot of the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Just FYI. 1) We Triple-Dog Dare Ya – The United States and South Korea have officially published a plan “two and a half years in the making” designed to counter North Korean provocations. The New York Times 2) Color Run? Color Fun, More Like – The […]

Guns, Grandparents, and Gay Marriage – 10 Things To Know, March 21

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