10 Things to Know – January 31st

  1. Superhero Sensation: Tony Stark/Ironman falls to pieces in this new Iron Man 3 movie poster. Catch the Super Bowl spot this Sunday. –  Hypable.com
  2. Media Mayday: The New York Times has been having hack attacks from China over the last four months. China’s Ministry of National Defense offended by accusations. – The New York Times
  3. “How We Gonna Pay?”: The U.S. Government has provided about 93% of all student loans, but how does this help when many students still cannot make the payments? – Wall Street Journal
  4. Congress in Action: The “fiscal cliff” talks might have been put off, but as automatic cuts are around the corner, it’s a bit concerning to see Congress in no hurry to address these problems. – Reuters
  5.  Manila Minesweeper: U.S. Navy ship, the USS Guardian, got stuck on a protected coral reef in the Philippines Jan. 17. After much deliberation as to how to remove the ship from the reef with the least damage, a solution has finally been agreed upon. – Huffington Post
  6. Contentious Cabinet: Former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) has President Obama’s nomination for Defense Secretary, and today is what is now dubbed the “Hagel Hearing” for the position. In addition, Iran, Israel and defense budget cuts are expected to be discussed. – NPR
  7. Alarm Bells: North Korea is now under martial law (again) and their leader has readied the troops to prepare for war, according to the South Korean media. – The Telegraph
  8. Sweet Cakes: We may once again have Twinkies! – Huffington Post
  9. #42: The Dodger’s prized Jackie Robinson is honored by the Google Doodle today. He was born 94 years ago today, in 1947. – Los Angeles Times
  10. Spanish Soccer: Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona tied for the first game of the famed Copa del Rey semi-final. – Huffington Post


A selection of Marvel's official Iron Man 3 movie poster

Marvel’s Official Iron Man 3 Movie Poster

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