Merida, Meatless Lunches, and Masturbation Marathons – 10 Things to Know, May 3rd

Eleven Dancing Princesses: It’s official – Merida of Disney/Pixar’s “Brave” is set to officially join the other ten Disney princesses as Disney continues with its jackpot marketing strategy. – Huffington Post Cinderella Story: Speaking of Disney princesses, Mariah Carey renewed her wedding vows with husband Nick Cannon in a shut-down Disneyland, and in a princess […]

Netflix Originals, $1.50 a Day, and a Pink Moon – 10 Things to Know

Brought to You by Netflix: As more and more original content comes to Netflix, Hollywood might end up with a problem. – LA Times Hero of Yesterday: This Mormon bishop gave a neighbor a hand against an attacker yesterday… with a Samurai sword.  – Huffington Post Factory Fatality: Bangladesh factory collapse kills over 70 and injures hundreds […]

Nintendo & 'Friends': 10 Things To Know, April 18

Guns, Grandparents, and Gay Marriage – 10 Things To Know, March 21

Facebook Can Improve Memory!? – 10 Things to Know, March 6th

Distractions: So you know how oftentimes you might mosey on over to Facebook instead of studying for that exam? Turns out, Facebook could help you improve your memory. – Time Controversial Chavez: Hugo Chavez died at 58 yesterday. Venezuelan government and military attempting to show solidarity. – CNN 500 Years Later…: Jews of Spanish heritage are being […]

10 Things to Know: February 26th

Outside the Oscars: Visual effects (VFX) technicians protest outside of the Oscars this past Sunday, and with limited media coverage. See why the closure of the VFX company that worked on The Life of Pi sparked a movement. (See the Facebook page here). – The Guardian  Did They Say, Free?: The White House has mandated research funded […]

10 Things To Know – February 21st

10 Things to Know – February 20th

The Office (Supply): Office Depot is set to buy Office Max to build stronger competition against Staples. Good thing, too. I could never tell which was which.  – Huffington Post Caffeine Craze: Believe it or not, Americans are actually consuming less coffee nowadays than in the 1940s and 50s, and our coffee quality has improved […]

10 Things to Know – February 1st

Entrepreneurial Inspiration: Starbucks now has stores in 62 countries around the world. Regardless what you think of their coffee, it’s inspiring to see what a little Seattle coffee shop has become since 1971. – Forbes TTU Students: In case you didn’t know, TTU scholarship applications are due today. – TechAnnounce What the Frack?: Is fracking, though […]

10 Things to Know – January 31st

Superhero Sensation: Tony Stark/Ironman falls to pieces in this new Iron Man 3 movie poster. Catch the Super Bowl spot this Sunday. – Media Mayday: The New York Times has been having hack attacks from China over the last four months. China’s Ministry of National Defense offended by accusations. – The New York Times […]

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