Breaking Ground For Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas

Breaking ground for a new movie-going experience in north Lubbock!


The Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas began in Austin, Texas, by Tim and Karrie League, who wanted to create a new experience for movie lovers to enjoy watching movies while having a beer and a snack. The Drafthouse will have eight theaters all providing dine-in service by a wait staff. The staff can bring you a cold beer, delicious snack, and hot meals right to your seat!

This cinema enjoys their Hollywood blockbusters as well as showing interactive screenings, including quote-along events, in digital and RealD 3D. Other special events the Alamo offers are Big Screen Classics, Music Mondays, Girlie Night, Horror Remix, Sing-Along Dance Party, Broadway Brunch, and Tough Guy Cinema.

Alamo Drafthouse is not just a theater. They pride themselves on serving fresh, high-quality meals made to order. Alamo offers a broad selection including appetizers, salads, pastas, sandwiches, pizzas, entrees, deserts, popcorn and candy. During special features, they offer a “feast” menu which includes a four or five-course meal with a cocktail, wine or beer.

If you do not feel like catching a movie, you can always hang out at the Glass Half Full bar. This stand-alone bar focuses on original, classic cocktails and an extensive collection of draft and bottled beer. The bar also creates specialty cocktails created for certain movies playing in the theater.

ADC, Floor Plan

The Alamo Drafthouse Floor Plan

One thing you must remember while watching a movie is there is a strict no-talking policy. They strongly believe movies are to be watched free of distraction which means they are not afraid to kick anyone out of their theaters. They will provide one warning, but the second time is removal. The Drafthouse also does not believe in showing advertisements before a movie you have already paid for. They have created a custom pre-show with content themed towards your movie.

On Thursday the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema held their upcoming theater’s celebration for their opening in spring 2014. This event, held by the Owen Group, celebrated the current state of construction. Many local celebrities, including the city of Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson and Carlos Morales, president of the board of directors for the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, were in attendance.

“We are honored to have the community and its leaders take part in such a special moment in our new theater’s history here in Lubbock,” stated Neil Billingsley-Michaelsen, Triple Tap Ventures LLC president and CEO. “The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Lubbock will mark a new foundation for cinema in Lubbock and we are thrilled that the theater is being built by the community it will serve.”

After the speeches, these local celebrities were encouraged to place their hands and sign their names in cement to be used as the foundation.

Location: Loop 289 North Frontage Rd. & N. Slide Rd.

Pictures at the Ceremony

Pictures taken during the ceremony.

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