The HUB@TTU's Fright Film Fest


Here at HUBquarters, we decided to throw a film festival!

We need all aspiring movie directors, screen writers, and actors to get together and create some horror films. All films must be seven minutes or shorter. There is also no nudity allowed, and people cannot be injured during the making of the film. If you need help, that is what we are here for. We have all of the equipment, software, and movie geniuses you need to create a movie.

If you win, you get a party thrown in your honor, as well as some other supplemental prizes. Movie submissions should be turned in to no later than 5 p.m. on Oct. 25. The winner will be announced Oct. 30.

All of the movie submissions will be played during our Fright Film Fest on Halloween.


About Sarah Chollar

I am a senior public relations major from Sisterdale, Texas. Yes, that town does exist. I love writing and everything pr! I am the Promotions and Social Media Manager here at The Hub.


  1. I tried to post a video but the link gives me an error message. Is there another way we can submit movies?

  2. Sarah Chollar says:

    Hi Jason! Sorry for the confusion. Try our other email, If that does not work, send it to us on Facebook.

    Thanks for submitting!

  3. Are there any specific criteria the films are being judged on other than general “Scariness?” Or will other factors such as production value, technique & originality of idea be included in the decision?

    • Sarah Chollar says:

      Hi, T. There are other criteria the films will be judged on. The HUB Staff will all judge the videos based on what you said, production value, technique and originality of the idea. The staff will then take a vote on the top films.

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