Nintendo & 'Friends': 10 Things To Know, April 18

1.  Chop Sued: Rachael Ray is being sued by teen for humiliating her in a weigh-loss episode.  The Huffington Post

2. Yearly To Come It Will: Disney announced it will release “Star Wars” films every summer starting in 2015. CBS News

3. It Hit The Fan: A fertilizer plant in Waco blew up twice last night. USA Today

4. Busted?: Surveillance video may lead officials to the Boston bomber. The Washington Post

5. Steps Towards Syria: The US is taking steps to military intervening in Syria. Los Angeles Times

6. Deadly Letters: A man was arrested in Mississippi after sending poison-laced letters to the White House and a senator. Reuters

7. Right On Time: Of course, Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket Boston bombing funerals, and, of course, strangers volunteer to block them out. The Huffington Post

8. 2 For 2: Police say two men may be responsible for Boston bombing. CNN

9. New Nintendo: Nintendo expects to release new games including ‘Zelda’ and ‘Yoshi’. Los Angeles Times

10. ‘Friends’ Rumor D.O.A: Jennifer Aniston put to rest any rumor about ‘Friends’ reunion. E!Online

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