Netflix Originals, $1.50 a Day, and a Pink Moon – 10 Things to Know

  1. Brought to You by Netflix: As more and more original content comes to Netflix, Hollywood might end up with a problem. – LA Times
  2. Hero of Yesterday: This Mormon bishop gave a neighbor a hand against an attacker yesterday… with a Samurai sword.  – Huffington Post
  3. Factory Fatality: Bangladesh factory collapse kills over 70 and injures hundreds more of the rough 2,000 workers in the building. – Reuters
  4. $1.50 a Day: Ben Affleck wants to raise awareness and money for world poverty by living on $1.50 worth of food a day. Will you? – Time
  5. Chinese Conflict: Twenty-one people are said to be dead after an incident concerning a potential gang of terrorists in Western China. – ABC News
  6. Boston Bombing Update: The deceased suspect of the Boston bombings may have been brainwashed by a friend, says his uncle. – CNN
  7. Pink Moon: Tomorrow night will be a full moon, and it will be PINK. Well… Not exactly. Read up here!
  8. A Cup of Joe: Did you know coffee has played a huge role in world history, and not just for being in the hands of all-nighter-pulling college students? – NPR
  9. Tech Galaxy: Considering the new Samsung Galaxy S4 for your next phone upgrade? Gizmodo gives the specs.
  10. Football Freedoms: The NFL wants to take more strides to protect its gay players from harassment and discrimination. Read more on CBS News.

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