Audio Stories From Dr. Hellmueller's News Presentation Class

We love to receive work from Media and Communication students. That is why we were so happy when Lea Hellmueller, Ph.D., assistant professor of journalism and electronic media,  sent us some audio stories her ‘News Presenters’ made for her News Presentation 1 class. We liked it so much we decided to share some of them with you.

Audio stories have been separated by their respective topics below.


Government Shutdown and Tech

The effects of the government shutdown on TTU research By Dave Talley:
Although the shutdown is over now, David Talley reveals how the shutdown affected research here at Tech.


New TV Season

New TV Season and Studies By Janet Moreno:
This audio story takes a look into the potential drop in time dedicated to academics do to the new TV season.

Finding time for favorite TV shows By Vasthil Patino:
This audio story covers how busy Tech students are using the Internet to watch their favorite shows.

The Benefits of Netflix By Sarah Self-Walbrick:
We learn how students are using Netflix to watch their favorite shows and keep up with their studies.

Kliff Kingsbury’s Fame

Kingsbury’s Buzz by Chantal Espinoza:
This audio story looks into the impression Kliff Kingsbury has made.

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