The Conjuring – Movie Review

I never thought a pair of clapping hands would be capable of scaring me half to death, but the impossible just happened.

The Conjuring is a film based in the 1970’s that seems so realistic you’ll be scared to go anywhere in your house by yourself. This being said, it’s a film worth seeing. Basically, the Parren Family moves into this Rhode Island farm house out in the middle of no where. I feel like that’s never a good sign to begin with, how the heck will you get help in any other situation that’s not paranormal or demonic or whatever?

Carolyn and Roger Parren (Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston) have the highest hopes that their family will benefit from this house with a fresh start for them and their girls. After a few days of living in their new home, the family begins to hear odd noises around the house. They notice there is a lot of banging on the walls, noises from the basement and other odd happenings…like the youngest daughter saying she has made friends with a dead boy that died in the area from forever ago. Totally normal, right?

After being completely desperate and hearing about a couple who are professional demonologists, Carolyn Parren reaches out to Lorraine and Ed Warren (Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson) in order to save their family from the evil spirits in the Parren’s house.

After much investigation the Warrens discover there is a woman who practiced witchcraft on the property years ago, and committed suicide by hanging herself on the tree in the Parren’s backyard. Viewers later learn that many other horrific events have happened to other people on the property all thanks to the satanic witch. So, why can’t the Parrens simply leave the house? The freaking witch lady has a satanic haunting on the entire family so that even if they tried to abandon the farm house, she would still be with the family.

Oh yeah, this entire movie is based on a true story. USA Today did a piece with the actual Warrens and they said that even though people call them crazy, they know what they saw.

I also know what I saw, and needless to say I can’t go to the other room slash even consider being in the dark for more than one millisecond. Not an exaggeration by any means. I thought the movie itself was well produced and had a great retro-feel to it. It was filmed in a way that was very realistic and I wouldn’t mind having the ghost busters on speed dial, but I would also watch it again…with about 20 other people and with the lights on.

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