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This is officially week three of Scramble to Summer Fitness. Have you seen any results yet on the scale? Most likely not because those numbers won’t change for a while. We have some better things you can do to l see the results.

1. Measure it: Do not count on the scale to tell you how much you have improved. Instead, measure your improvement using time and inches. Use a stopwatch to see how much faster you can run a mile, how much longer you can stay on the bike. See how much further you can go each week on the machine of your choice. Now also get some measuring tape and measure your waistline. This is the first place you will begin to lose weight. Keep track on a sheet of paper that you can see everyday in order to keep you motivated. DO NOT expect huge changes, this will be a slow progress.

2. Stairs on Stairs on Stairs: You know that stair master you love using at the gym? Guess what? You can find a stair master in almost every single building on campus, but we just call them stairs. That’s right, you need to get off your lazy bum and use the stairs. Stop using the elevator. Not only are you wasting electricity but you’re wasting the chance to workout during the day. For the best results, walk the stairs on your toes to really work out your calves and butt.

3. Walk it Out: Skip the bus on campus and walk from class to class. Yes, you can make it in ten minutes. If I can make it from College of Media and Communication to Holden Hall in less than ten minutes while wearing heels, as I do most days, then you can too. Also if you’re sitting in an office make sure you stand up and walk around at least every two hours.

4. Caffeine and Apples: Exams are coming up soon and I get that we all need that extra caffeine boost. First and foremost, I hope you all know that taking those energy drinks are no good for you. Next, too much coffee is bad for you. It creates an addiction to the substance and other side effects such as anxiety, sleeplessness and headaches. Moderation is the key here.  As you slow down your coffee drinking, switch to eating apples. The natural glucose break down that results from ingesting an apple along with the healthy 14 grams of sugar will help keep you awake. It is debated that also the crunching sound and chewing of an apple requires so much movement from your mouth’s muscles that this will wake you up.

5. Dress Your Burger: Time to go out and eat. All you want is a nice, juicy hamburger with fries. OK, have your hamburger but drop the fries for a side of veggies. As for your hamburger you better not be ordering anything with bacon and cheese on it. If you must choose a cheese, remember white is better than yellow. Skip the cheddar cheese, as it has more calories than your average cheese, and pick Swiss instead which has more calcium and protein. Remove the bacon, and put some avocado in there. Avocados offer monounsaturated fats and Vitamin E, both of which are great for your skin.

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