Old Raider Reds Pass Down Guns

The old and the new Raider Red pose together after passing down the guns. Photo by Dawit Haile

The men responsible for making Raider Red the Capitol One national mascot of the year ended their careers here at Texas Tech on Friday.

Zach Bohls and Geoff Waller ended their tenures as Raider Red at the Passing of the Guns ceremony. They held the title of being Raider Red together from 2010 to 2013.

“It’s kind of a bittersweet day,” Waller said. “It sad we’re leaving. We put so much time and effort, but at the same time a new chapter in our lives is starting.”

The two were honored for their time as Raider Red. The ceremony was emotional for Bohls and Waller. Bohls was visibly moved and needed tissues throughout the proceedings.

Bohls said it was difficult to think about the program no longer being in their hands.

“I’ve invested so much time and effort to get the Raider Red program where it is now,” Bohls said, “and for doing over 300 appearances in just over three years is a lot of time to spend with anybody.”


Photo by Dawit Haile

The two got to this point in different ways. Waller, a Lubbock native, said being raised around Tech ever since he was born brought him here.

While Bohls said he did not have Tech as his first choice. His father wanted Bohls to go to his Alma mater, the University of Texas, Bohls said. But, Bohls wanted to get away from home, he said.

Bohls and Waller said they both knew what they wanted to do when they first saw Raider Red: become him.

Stephanie Rhodes, spirit program director, said it has been a pleasure to see Zach and Geoff work together and push the envelope.

“They come up with ideas that you’re like ‘no way,’” Rhodes said. “Then you think ‘maybe let’s try.’”

She said Bohls and Waller’s creativity is what got Raider Red into the Capitol One national mascot of the year contest, and what ultimately won the contest for them.

Waller said the program is set up for success.

“We set the bar pretty high,” Waller said, “but the people we got this year are definitely capable of getting to or exceeding what we did this year.”

Bohls said he still cannot believe this dream was actually reality.

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