Arrested Development, CISPA and Gay Marriage: 10 Things To Know, April 26

1. Developing Nicely – A clip from the new season of “Arrested Development” has been released. EW

2. Student Found Dead – Brown University student wrongly tied to the Boston bombings has been found dead. USA Today

3. Futuristic Bike – Beautiful prototype bicycle designed by Tech alumnus. LG Hausys

4. Kick ‘Em Where It Hurts – U.S. female sailor beats up a bus driver who tried to rape her in Dubai. The Washington Times

5. For The Feels – New technology gets us closer to artificially mimicking the sense of touch. BBC

6. Another Step Forward – Rhode Island has voted to legalize gay marriage. BBC

7. Dead Again – The Senate has chosen to not take up CISPA legislation, which Obama has threatened to veto. Reason

8. Students Strike – Chicago students picket against standardized testing. Common Dreams

9. Affordable Android – Prices soon to fall to $200 for an Android notebook. CNET

10. McAfee “Helps” – McAfee has patented a way to stop users from downloading pirated content. Geek 

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