Save the Snow! – 10 Things to Know, March 27th

  1. Stockpiling for Sochi: Russia hoards snow in case of warm weather for NEXT year’s Winter Olympics. – Business Insider
  2. Korean Peninsula Tensions: North Korea is going to sever all remaining communications with South Korea, in case of war. – Reuters
  3. Texas Standing: Gov. Rick Perry (R) spoke on the behalf of all Texans yesterday, when he made a statement about where the state stands on gay marriage. – Huffington Post
  4. Heartbeats: North Dakota has passed the most prohibitive law on abortion the United States has seen. – BBC News
  5. 0-0: Mexico and U.S. tie it up with a no-goal World Cup Qualifier in last night’s soccer match. Read the match summary at Major League Soccer.
  6. Same-Sex for Starbucks: The coffee company, and 278 other companies, filed a brief arguing against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Simply put, “It’s bad for business.” – NPR
  7. China Trading: Chinese President Xi Jinping makes stops throughout Africa on his way to the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) summit in South Africa, wanting to encourage more trade between African countries and China. – Time
  8. Unaffordable Health: A glitch in Obamacare? – The Huffington Post
  9. Sadness: 4-year-old boy found alone and malnourished in apartment with deceased woman in New Jersey. – CNN
  10. TODAY: Is the first day of Holi! Read more about the color-filled Indian holiday here.

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