Pool Time! – 10 Things To Know, March 29th

1. Water it Down: The Texas Tech University Leisure Pool opens today from noon to 5:30 p.m. Rec Sports

2. Continued Threat: North Korea says their rockets are aimed at the U.S. mainland and Pacific Ocean. CNN

3. Religious Conflict: Buddhists in Sri Lanka take a hard line against Muslims. BBC

4. Breath Easy: One third of parents fear that childhood vaccines can cause autism. Researchers have found no link between the two. NPR

5. Hadouken: The newest internet sensation is here, no it has no techno beats to it. Mashable

6. Holi: Feel like throwing colored powder at your friends? The Indian celebration, Holi, will be taking place tomorrow at the 5 p.m. at the Rec fields. Diversity

7. DOMA and Taxes: If same-sex couples were permitted to marry they would be taxed the same as heterosexual couples. Reuters

8. First Family Spring Break: The daughters of President Obama are under attack for their spring break vacation. Huffington Post

 9. Wetbacks“: Rep. Young says he used the term “wetback” with no intention of causing disrespect. Fox

10. Harry Potter: Actor Richard Griffiths, who played Uncle Dursley in the Harry Potter movie series, died at the the age of 65. BBC

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News Director    —    Journalism and Marketing double major, Class of 2013
Claudia works to cover current events and political issues that effect the Tech campus. She plans to return overseas as a foreign correspondent.

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