Back On The Grind – 10 Things To Know, March 18

1) Off the Court – The Texas Tech Red Raiders men’s basketball coaching staff — save for Chris Walker — has been let go from the university.

2) Bow Down to H-Town – Beyonce releases a new song (finally), breaking her usual style with Houston-like chop&screw. MTV

3) SxSW – If you were like me and didn’t go to Austin for South by Southwest this week, don’t worry — we ONLY Missed Prince and Justin Timberlake. And tons of other cool artists. Los Angeles Times Online

4) St. Patrick’s Day Marriage – Two 67-year-old men were married in Houston’s first same-sex marriage yesterday, with green décor at an Episcopal church. Houston Chronicle

5) Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What’cha Gonna Do? – Two police departments in the state have unmanned drone aircraft that can be used, while others are testing the concept with Federal Aviation Administration permission. KTRK-TV

6) Selective Enforcement – A Colorado sheriff says he won’t be enforcing gun control laws passed in his state, calling them “unenforceable.” What won’t we enforce next? The Greeley Tribune

7) Unsportsmanlike – A Greek soccer player threw a Nazi “sieg heil” salute after a goal Saturday. Already banned for life from the Greek national team. Washington Post (blog)

8) First: Frogs. Next: Dinosaurs – University of New South Wales is resurrecting the genome of an extinct species of frogs — frogs that breed through their stomach systems. Uhh… National Geographic

9) Aaaa-CHOO! – Help yourself prevent spring allergies rather than treat the symptoms later. Seriously. It works. U.S. News & World Report

10) Princess Power – A Legend of Zelda ROM mod (games for PC console emulators) has been created to make the titular Zelda the actual hero of the story, and Link needs to be rescued from Ganondorf. SlashGear

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