SGA PR Memo: Senators Must Involve PR When With Media

A new Student Government Association memorandum outlining the organization’s Spring 2013 media interaction policy contains strong language that has dissuaded some senators from speaking to the media without approval.

S.G.A. Public Relations Director Zach Haber announced at the Student Senate meeting (Jan. 31) that the new memo had been sent out the day before. A scanned copy of the memo has been attached to this post below.

After tonight’s Senate meeting, Sen. Luke Cotton (B.A.), originally declined an interview without the approval of the PR department per their request by this memorandum. He later consented to and gave an interview alongside Sen. Matt Pippen (Eng.), who gave no such hesitation.

When asked as a group, about a dozen present senators from different colleges agreed they felt obligated to include the SGA PR director and/or his representatives in any discussion that the senators have with the media. The memo states in its body:

If a media agency, firm, or outlet asks to speak with you (via in person, over the phone, email, etc.) you must notify Zachary Haber as soon as possible. A representative from the office of the Public Relations director will accompany you while you are speaking with any media representative.

If you are caught off-guard by someone from the media trying to speak with you, you must still notify Zachary Haber prior to speaking with any representative from the media.

At the Jan. 31 meeting, President Alex Alston commented on the memorandum.

Here was Zach Haber’s explanation of the memorandum during Open Forum  on Jan. 31. Forgive the blip in the middle — it was a minor recording glitch.

Here’s a digital scan of a physical copy of the memo. Forgive the crease-lines.


The wording in the memorandum does not seem to suggest any level of option in the text, despite President Alston’s suggestion otherwise.

Stay tuned to The Hub as this story continues to develop.

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  1. I asked Zach if it was okay to speak. Just trying avoid stepping on toes.

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