PETA, Poison and Plus-Sized: 10 Things to Know, May 1

1. Puppies And Kittens Murdered – Thousands of puppies and kittens have been killed by PETA. Warning, the article has disturbing photos of dead animals killed at PETA’s headquarters. Huffington Post

2. Late-Night Nerdist – Chris Hardwick will be getting his own show on Comedy Central, airing four nights a week next fall. Deadline

3. Baby Bio-engineering – 2-year-old born without windpipe gets a new bio-engineered one. The Star

4. Streaming CrisisNearly 1,800 titles will be pulled today from Netflix, to be viewed on WB Instant Archive. Hypable

5. I Want This To Be Real – Nobel Prize-winning physicist to attempt to create a “time crystal.” Wired

6. Mars One: really happening or just really out there? – Over 20,000 people have reportedly applied for the one-way-ticket to Mars. Yahoo

7. Garbage Shortage – Oslo burns so much garbage to produce energy that they have had to start trucking it in. New York Times

8. H&M Breaking The Norm – H&M is causing a stir by using plus-sized model Jennie Runk to launch their latest beachwear line. Business Insider

9. Tony Nods And SnubsThe 2013 Tony nominee list has been announced. Deadline

10. Starbucks Poison Scare – A woman in San Jose tried to sneak poisoned orange juice into a Starbucks display case. Mercury News 

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