Oil's Down On Tax Day – 10 Things To Know, April 15

1) Slash and Burn – Alaska lawmakers have approved a bill that will slice off chunks of Alaska’s oil production taxes, hoping to spur higher production and lower gas prices. Reuters

2) “Super Doners” – The so-called Texas “super doner” Bob Perry died this weekend. Perry was responsible for funding the Swift Boat ads in the 2004 Presidential race that challenged John Kerry’s Vietnam service, among other behind-the-scenes political activities. ABC News

3) He Paints, Too – Baron Batch, former Texas Tech player and current Pittsburgh Steeler, was the featured artist at this weekend’s Lubbock Arts Festival. Fox 34 Lubbock

4) No Safer – Global arms and defense spending drops for the first time in 15 years, with the United States’ defense cuts leading the way. Global arms spending last year estimated $1.75 trillion. TIME

5) Grand Investigations – The Steubenville rape case continues, as a grand jury will be seated to continue investigations into cover-ups and accessories to the rape of a girl in Ohio. Two students were already convicted in the case. Associated Press/ABC News

6) Smart Watches: The Next Big Thing? – Microsoft has joined Samsung and Apple in the development of a “smart watch” to join the mobile data family. The Inquirer

7) Uhhh… – A woman barged into Hugh Jackman’s gym this weekend and threw an electric razor filled with … pubic hair, at him. Yeah. New York Post

8) Replaceable Parts – Scientists have successfully created a “lab grown” kidney, complete with urine production. The kidney is considered one of the most complicated organs to reproduce. BBC News

9) Dubai Five-O – The ultrarich Middle Eastern city of Dubai has added a $550,000 squadcar to its fleet — a green-and-white Lamborghini Aventador. Dubai police director says it will show “how classy Dubai is.” Associated Press/Wilkes-Barre Times Leader

10) Notch at the Top – “Notch,” the creator of the popular game “Minecraft,” has made the list of TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people of the year, along with leaders of commerce, industry, and politics. PC Magazine

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