NCAA Comes to a Close: 10 Things To Know – April 9

1. Thank God That’s Over: Your Facebook friends can move on to pretend-caring about baseball, now. Louisville beat Michigan 82-76 to win the men’s NCAA Tournament. Remember when I was the Sports Director for this thing? Fox News

2. M-I-C, See You Real Soon: Pioneer teen star, and perhaps most-loved Mousketeer, Annette Funicello died at age 70. New York Daily News

3. When Plan B Doesn’t Work: A drug, Bendectin, pulled off the market for treating morning sickness is set to return to pharmacies in June of this year. Why be sick of your kids before they’re born when you have the rest of their lives to do that, am I right? New York Times

4. It’s About Time: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has had enough. He proposed the barring of overturning any court-martial convictions of sexual assault. Bloomberg

5. Four-Year-Old Fire: In Nashville, a four-year-old grabbed a loaded gun at a family cookout and accidentally shot and killed the wife of a Tennessee sheriff’s deputy. National Post

6. Sink Your Teeth In: Luke Evans has been in quite a few movies these last few years, but he is set for his break out role playing Dracula in Universal Studio’s upcoming “Dracula Year Zero.” I’m not sure why that title doesn’t have any punctuation in it. A colon? Nothing, Universal? JoBlo

7. Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?: LL Cool J and Brad Paisley finally brought blacks and whites together in one swift motion by recording the song, “Accidental Racist.” I can’t wait to karaoke this one. The AV Club

8. Sequester Fester: Steve Nolder, the director of the public defender’s office in southern Ohio, was forced to fire himself in the name of the sequestration. Huffington Post

9. The First Cut Is The Deepest: A Hooters waitress is suing the restaurant chain claiming her hours were cut because she had brain surgery, leaving her with a buzzed head and scar on her scalp. Not that working at Hooters has anything to do with a woman’s appearance. ABC News

10. Girl-On-Girl…Not So Hot This Time: Jenna Jameson was arrested for alleged battery in Newport Beach on Saturday evening. Britney Markham, the victim , supposedly broke into Jameson’s house and “took everything,” said Jameson’s Twitter. If someone took everything out of my apartment, I’d be kind of impressed. LA Times

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