Humans vs. Zombies Springs Into Action

Photo by Katelyn Perry

Humans vs. Zombies started in full swing on Monday with some mixed opinions about the event from students.

Kollin Meadows, a moderator for the event, said the game will be taking place this week and he encourages students of all types to register and give the game a chance.

“It’s a really good way to meet people,” said Meadows, a freshman criminology major from Houston. “It is without a doubt one of the best things I have done in college.”

Meadows said although he is passionate about the event, he has heard criticism from other students about the game and the players that take part.

“We get called all sorts of names such as ‘losers’,” Meadows said. “We get a lot of bad mouth because people think we are immature, but really we are just people having fun.”

Meadows said he hopes other students will not have presumptuous opinions about the players, and will try to get to know them before judging them this year.

Shylo Rinehart, a senior agricultural communications major from Gail, Texas, said although she does not have a problem with the people participating in the game, she does see issues with the game being on campus.

“I’m not a big fan of it being played on campus,” Rinehart said. “I feel like it is distracting for students and they can get in the way sometimes.”

Rinehart said because the game is played in some high traffic areas on campus, such as the Student Union Building, it can make it difficult for students walking to class or taking a break in the area.

Meadows said the game is played in almost all areas of campus, except for a few designated spaces such as parking lots and around the childcare facility next to the Human Sciences building.

He said registration was available at the booth in the free speech area until Friday. He said there was a meet and greet event Sunday night so players have a chance to get to know each other before the game starts.

Meadows said if students would like more information about the group or the rules of the game, they can visit the group’s Facebook page.

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