SGA Election Preview – 2013-14

The Student Government Association elections are Wednesday, Feb. 27, and Thursday, Feb. 28. With that in mind, we’ve prepared an inclusive election preview to help keep you informed and educated about what you should be voting for on Thursday and Friday.

Voting is done electronically at the SGA’s website, and can be accessed from anywhere with a valid student Texas Tech ID number (“R number”).

Keep in mind — SGA is also gathering opinions on TOBACCO/SMOKE-FREE CAMPUSES and CONCEALED HANDGUNS ANYWHERE ON CAMPUS. Speak your mind on these issues! VOTE!

The footage in these videos were taken from press conferences, a presentation at the Young Conservatives of Texas meeting, and scheduled interviews with the candidates.

Raiders United

“Raiders United” is headed by Luke Cotton, Jill Berger, and Logan Dickenson. With emphasis on inclusion and outreach, this program has the support of many senators.

Note: Katherine McBee performed this interview. Used with permission.

Bridge the Gap

The “Bridge the Gap” campaign — consisting of Forrest Stovall, Taylor Weeks, Peyton Craig, and Daniel Yates — is one heavily vested in connecting students directly to administration, connecting the university to the outside, and connecting undergraduates to graduates.

Raiders’ Voice

The single-candidate “Raiders’ Voice” campaign is headed by a single candidate for President, Jose Barraza. This campaign emphasizes diversity, outreach, and multicultural influence and involvement with student government, as well as transportation and safety.

Senate Races

The following are lists of those campaigning for Senate seats in their respective colleges. You will only vote for the college you’re registered in!

Note that some colleges are running “uncontested” races, meaning that no matter the vote, the candidate(s) will win. Two colleges don’t have enough candidates to fill the seats allotted to them.

Note: Seat count is according to 2012-2013 seating. This may change at the beginning of the 49th session.

[one_half]Senators-at-Large (9 seats) (15 candidates)
Timothy Monceret
Jill Berger
Mark Khan
Luke Cotton
Steven Doeling
Harrison Shipp
Stetson Whetstone
Blake Hoffman
Colton Bradshaw
Amber Yanez
Austin Studebaker
Luke Wadley
Macy Anderson
Peter G. Brady
Hayden Hatch[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Arts and Sciences (13 seats) (19 candidates)
Ryan McKee
Carol Baby
Conner Blanton
Hanna Obaidat
Carley Covert
Drew Walston
Jordan Shelton
Michael Burwell
Sarah Berry
Sharon Polackal
Lauren Priess
Amy Kaur
Jameson Tomlin
Ernesto Lopez
Nataly Montano Vargas
Nora Jan
Gustavo A. Chavira
John Vance
Nicholas Muniz[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Business Administration (6 seats) (12 candidates)
Adrian Romo
Brayden Rose
Michael Friedrichsen
McKenzie Divel
Banner Owen
Arturo Gutierrez
Evan Johnson
Josh Selindh
Brooke Haga
Riley Johnson
William Allen
Kristy Le[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Engineering (7 seats) (9 candidates)
Charlie Mitchell
Jeffery Tew
Aaron Kelly
David Polcari
Zakariya Sadik
Tanner Shipp
Matt Pippen
Michael Moore
Eric Nieto

Law School (2 seats) (0 candidates) (2 short)[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Human Sciences (5 seats) (9 candidates)
Kaleigh Dennis
Berea D. Orange
Baylee Bettencourt
Valerie Briley
Renae Post
Jeremy Ransom
Martin Leatherwood
Kaitlin George
Rachel Ruhman

Interdisciplinary Studies (4 seats) (uncontested) (3 short)
Pradeep Attaluri

Education (2 seats) (uncontested)
Lauren Molina
Erin Scharlach[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Agriculture (3 seats) (5 candidates)
Taylor Shackelford
Holton Westbrook
Garrett Couts
Parker McCollum
Shelbie Reid

Honors College (2 seats) (4 candidates)
Adriana Lopez
Joshua Neel
Vincent Cauntay
Baleigh Waldrop

Architecture (2 seats) (uncontested)
Demont Campbell
William Wilder[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Media and Communication (3 seats) (7 candidates)
Eric Scharf
Grace Diana
Melissa Brisco
Cassidy Edison
Trevis Bellard
Elizabeth Johnson
Danielle Vergos

[one_half_last]Visual and Performing Arts (2 seats) (uncontested) (1 short)
Dustin Tharp

Graduate School (8 seats) (uncontested) (6 short)
Katherine Lindley
Deois Uacearnaigh

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