The Super Bowl Of Politics

If you missed either the Lubbock County Republican or  Lubbock County Democratic Election Party don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Last night, the local Republican party gathered at the Hillcrest Country Club while the local Democratic party watched the election results at the Historic Baker Building.

Mayor of Lubbock, Glen Robertson, hosted the Republican party where various local elected officials arrived with their staff and family to watch the results. Among officials present was Congressman Randy Neugebauer, county commissioner of precinct one Bill McCay, and Ysidro Gutierrez who lost the election for county commissioner of precinct three by 12 percent.

“It’s a Republican event, not just the party, not just for Romney or any one candidate,” Irene Howell, executive director for the Lubbock County Republican Party, said. “All of our candidates are having a combined event and that brings that positive energy and support for everyone, regardless of how they’re doing in the race.

“We have not excluded or included anyone. Most of the people that are coming are going to be candidates, their family and friends, elected officials, strong Republican supporters, the Republican Women’s organization, many students will be here.”


Students from the Texas Tech Young Conservatives of Texas were present at the event including Jeramy Kitchen, executive director, and Jonathan Silva, a member.

“This is like the Super Bowl for politics,” Silva said. “Everyone’s just gathering up having a good time watching the election unfold.”

Meanwhile at the Democratic Election Party the lights were dimmed, music was playing and people were dancing. The throwback tunes included Montell Jordan which brought everyone to their feet.

As the screen displayed MSNBC’s results of which states had gone to which candidate, the crowd stood up and cheered every time the screen showed President Obama had won a state.

Kenny Ketner, the Lubbock County democratic chair, said it was important to get those prairie dog democrats out to celebrate.

“We have Prairie Dog Democrats who will show up to vote and then otherwise stay underground the rest of the time,” Ketner said. “So we want Democrats to stand up and be proud to be Democrats here in Lubbock County. Having events like what we have going on tonight is part of it.”

Ketner said the location was at capacity, filled with 300 people gathered to watch the results of the presidential election.

By the end of the night, when the final results were shown on screen, the crowd at the Historic Baker Building cheered louder than they had the whole night. Adults and children alike got to their feet to celebrate.

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