Students Create Site Specific Animations

Students in ART 2304 created site specific animations for Texas Tech. Look around campus for the QR codes to see them in their locations.

Aimee Mann


Avery Nowak


Bristen Phillips


Chase Babcock


Emily Sills


Jennifer McKown


Kelsey Fields


Melany Sarafis


Michaela Yarbrough


Valerie Cadena

About Jennifer McKown

Executive Director    —    Electronic Media & Communication and Theatre Tech/Design double major, Class of 2015
Jenn is from Carnation, WA and is pursuing a BFA in Theatre Tech & Design, focusing on lighting design, and a BA in Electronic Media & Communication, focusing on visual communication. She is eagerly anticipating graduating in May 2015. She hopes to use her experience and two degrees to pursue a career in the television production industry.

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