Stabbing On 35th

The Lubbock Police Department is continuing to investigate a stabbing on 35th St. that occurred this evening, leaving one victim with life threatening wounds.

Public Information Officer Sgt. Jonathan Stewart with Lubbock police said the victim was transported to University Medical Center and police have a suspect in custody.

“Right now, I do not have any names for release,” said Stewart, “That will be something we will be releasing shortly.”

Police vehicles and officers barricaded off two blocks of 35th St. Uniformed police officers and persons’ crimes detectives were inside the crime scene taped area investigating the altercation and examining blood trails along the street and sidewalk.

Stewart said the incident that occurred at 3004 35thSt. left the home and continued down the street. He said details concerning the incident, along with the victim, and suspect would be released after further investigation.

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