Alpha Chi Omega Gives Back To Women's Protective Services

The Greek sorority Alpha Chi Omega hosted a trap and skeet shoot event called Clay Classic on Saturday in order to raise awareness and donations for domestic violence.

Alyssa Edstrom said there are five people to a team and 21 teams participating in Clay Classic. She said each team shoots one round of clay targets, in both skeet and trap, and the team with the most targets hit wins.

“We are looking at making around $5,000 to $6,000 in proceeds that will all be donated to Lubbock’s Women’s Protective Services,” said Edstrom.

Jeremy Jones, a business management major from Justice, Texas, participated in the event. He said he feels more aware about domestic violence and what the Women’s Protective Services does to help women.

“A bunch of the girls have been talking about it and they have been telling us about what they do with the organization,” said Jones.

According to Women’s Protective Services, national research indicates that one in four women has been physically assaulted or raped by an intimate partner.

Samantha Holley, an Alpha Chi Omega member, said she enjoys coming out to support an organization in need.

“I think it’s really awesome to be a part of something that has this big of an effect on WPS,” said Holley. “We have a strong relation with the local section of WPS, so it’s nice to know we are able to give back to them in such a huge way.”

She said Alpha Chi Omega does another event in the spring called Hugs and Pampers. She said Alpha Chi Omega collects donations and supplies to help single mothers in WPS.

Holley said Clay Classic not only helps raise awareness for domestic violence but also helps the sorority bond with each other.

“I think it’s a great way for all of us to get out here together and see how our efforts can go to WPS and how just from asking the community to help us we can help an organization in need.”

-Breanna Barrs
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