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Have no fear, fall is here!  Local Lubbock boutiques are stocking up with trends that will knock your outdated platforms off and help you slip in to some cool cap toed stilettos. First stop: Chrome. This quirky store has helped promote designers and brought forth trends that few fashion forwards see coming. Here’s an overview of what humbly hip stylist and “Chromie,” Tiera Gomez, guarantees will be your new wardrobe for fall.

When making a trip to Chrome, be aware the chances of customers leaving with nothing is rare. The stylish store carries everything from jewelry, shoes, clothes, make-up, and even has a room solely dedicated to Free People merchandise. Known for only carrying a certain amount of different garments or shoe styles, items go quickly when it comes to new shipment. But, one thing that always seems to be in stock is trends.

Gomez explained that the 90’s grunge era is making a comeback (think Marc Jacobs when he was just starting out).

“Everything 90s grunge or studded is huge right now. Grunge and edgy is the new thing. Plaid and vegan leather shorts are big for fall too.”

When women hear the word “leather” stomachs automatically start to suck in. Who wants to worry about a garment that will only make them self-conscious? Gomez said there is a solution with comfort in mind: denim. Denim is not just denim anymore. With trendier patterns and material, it will be many people’s go-to pant this season.

“Coated denim is huge right now,” said Gomez. “Waxed denim is suppose to give off the look that its leather, but not as uncomfortable as leather. Printed denim, shimmer denim, or anything treated is big.”

Pants are one thing, but shoes are another. As Gomez raved about the new looks for fall, she picked out the newest selection of Jeffery Campbell cap toed stilettos and “skulltini” flats (influenced by Alexander McQueen). The stylist swore the two styles are bound to make any fashionista swoon.

Another trend Gomez emphasized may come as a surprise to many. Sneakers are not just for athletes anymore. Infamously known as the “sneaker wedge,” she said this style has caught the eye of celebrities such as Beyonce and Miranda Kerr. Not only is the comfy heel obtainable by the rich and famous, it’s also become a staple for the ladies that want to be girly but still keep their tomboy image.

No matter what image you’re going for, Gomez said, there is a staple shoe that simply seems to mesh with whatever and whomever they are wearing.

“Combat boots are huge. They’ve been around for a while, but I feel like they’re finally taking storm to the general public not just fashion people now. They’re definitely going to be here to stay well into spring too,” said the stylish fashion-guru.

Gomez predicted that even throughout the springtime girls will wear them with floral dresses to compensate the season. And, of course, she accentuated that the best time to wear the grunge-looking boot is now. She suggested pairing them with leggings, cut off shorts and tights, and coated denim.
A final trend Gomez could not seem to get enough of is the peplum top. She said it’s a perfect top for women because it has flair towards the bottom of the shirt and covers the midsection and looks best when paired with a fitted bottom.

“Peplums are everywhere!” said Gomez.
So how does Gomez make sure her knowledge of trends never hits the “last season” range? The stylist said she keeps up with fashion blogs online to keep herself in the know. With pictures and insight from the designers themselves, she said, the websites qualify as anyone’s new favorite accessory.
Learn how to be humbly hip just like Tiera Gomez and the rest of the Chrome team by looking up some of the stylist’s go-to blogs, and stop by the store to get a first look of the fall recap for the season.

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