Sisterhood Raises Awareness

It only costs $500 to send a woman to college for all four years in a third-world country, said Shahaley Carr, vice president of the Circle of Sisterhood.

The sisterhood is a collaboration of all Tech sorority chapters and members, she said, who have come together to form a unified philanthropy. The organization supports underprivileged woman all over the world to defeat educational boundaries.

“Circle of Sisterhood works to raise awareness about the issues women and children face across the world and to raise funding to remove barriers to education for those who need it most,” Carr said.

Circle of Sisterhood raised awareness and funding this week in a multitude of ways, she said.

In order to raise money, the philanthropic group urged the Lubbock community to eat at Blue Sky on Monday night. By mentioning Circle of Sisterhood with their purchase, all proceeds went to the cause. They also sold paper dots at the Student Union Building near the Free Speech Area for a dollar each to show support for the organization.

On Wednesday evening there was a viewing of the documentary “Hold Up the Sky” at the Alpha Phi lodge on Greek Circle to help raise awareness to the public regarding women’s education.

In the words of the Circle of Sisterhood, “Defeat educational boundaries, and help women go to college.”

For a recap of the Philanthropy’s awareness week, check on the video below. And to learn more about the foundation visit their website.

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