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The Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreation Center may not physically be the center of campus, but it definitely acts like it. With viewable traffic near the the center’s parking lot from afternoon until late into the night, perhaps there is some form of incentive? With the Rec Center offering over 20 Raider X classes (for free!) the opportunity keeps people like Jennifer Hardy, a senior, coming back for more.

What are Raider X classes? According to the Rec Center’s website, they are a variety of classes targeted to a specific area of the body, and focus on aerobics, conditioning, and water exercises.

From ‘bootylicious’ to “turbo kick” to “aqua zumba” there’s a class for everyone. Hardy said she has been attending the core strengthening class for four years, all thanks to a friend.

“One of my friends took the class first,” said Hardy. “And I’ve been going ever since.”

She described the class as being difficult, but manageable after a couple of sessions. Hardy laughed when she admitted to being an avid Raider X participant.

Hardy said she typically doesn’t bring anyone with her to these classes or the gym either. She said she would much rather focus on what she needs to work on when it comes to fitness.

All this being said, not everyone likes going to the gym and some are embarrassed to work out in front of others.

Kate DeWolfe, a junior from Austin, admitted to not liking the Rec Center at all.

“I enjoy working out at home but I feel like at the gym, everyone is watching me work out,” said DeWolfe. “I don’t like the environment.”

For students like DeWolfe, or anyone who is not a fan of going to the gym, Fitness has a solution. Fitness has conducted a series of exercises that can be done in the comfort of one’s own home, but are similar to classes offered at the center or any local workout facility.

So whether you’re a gym rat or like to work it out at your humble abode, there are plenty of ways to tone those stubborn areas of the body. Check out the links below to see the description of free Raider X classes offered throughout the week at the Rec Center and see what exercises from Fitness seem fitting for your specific workout plan.

Fitness Magazine’s Top 10 Abs Exercises

Raider X Class Descriptions


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