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Texas Tech’s College of Human Sciences is home to many majors and a multitude of students who dedicate their time to learn not only skills, but also life lessons toward the real world. One major worth accrediting is the apparel design and manufacturing program (or ADM). With typically no more than 15 students in a class and faculty with credentials a mile long, it is one of Human Science’s staple pieces.

In this section, “Designer Of The Week,” The Hub@TTU is focusing on student fashion designers that are representing  not only Texas Tech, but also all young designers who want to progress in the field. Here’s to discovering some of the bright, innovative and soon-to-be big shots heading to a runway near you.

Nicole Ramsey, a junior apparel design and manufacturing major from Dallas, said she knows where she’s going after she grabs her diploma. Ramsey said she plans to move to New York with a fellow ADM friend and either work for a well-established company, or pursue costume design.

While admiring her newly purchased fabric, Ramsey discussed a new project she had recently begun production on. She said she knew a jacket would be the perfect piece to complete the overall look for her line.

“My theme is Paris. I was inspired by a Monet painting they showed us in art history,” the designer said. “Who knew art history would actually be useful in life?”

No matter where Ramsey gains inspiration on what to create, she also admires what others design. She said, based on her similar taste in design, her favorite designer is Alice + Olivia.

Ramsey said she likes to do a lot of sketches geared toward structure corresponding with non-structure, which is similar to Alice + Olivia.

Even though the young designer depicted apparel design to be a smooth and flowy process equivalent to elegant chiffon, she said there are times when everything, and everyone, is on pins and needles.

Deadlines are a big deal in the ADM world, said Ramsey. Especially when it gets down to the nitty-gritty.

“I wish [the lab] was open 24/7,” Ramsey said. “I would get so much more done.”

She continued to describe her freshman year as being non-threatening and manageable when it came to turning in garments and sketches on time. Nowadays, the Dallas native said, deadlines have been more intimidating.

Not only is Ramsey enrolled in 18 credit hours, she  also has a job.

Ramsey said she feels as if she has a limited amount of free time compared to her roommates and friends outside of her major. She said napping is also a foreign concept and she does not have time for many leisurely activities if she wants her garments to be ready to wear.

“I want it to be perfect,” the designer said. “It has to be perfect; otherwise I’m not happy.”

One thing Ramsey said that does make her happy, is shopping. Her influence in clothing options depends on her mood, she said, and she favors pairing simplistic pieces with something out of the ordinary.

“I’ll have a certain feeling that I go off, or sometimes I’ll try something on and think ‘This is so cute!’” Ramsey said. “But I would never wear it. I try to stick with staple pieces.”

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Lauren Estlinbaum grew up in Pearland, Texas, south of Houston (go Texans). She is a journalism major with a minor in apparel design. Lauren would like to work for either a fashion or lifestyle publication post-graduation. As she likes to say, she considers fashion magazines survival guides.

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