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Whether on the runway or not, has taken the liberty to enlighten all women what is new in fall 2012 makeup. Beauty experts are calling it “Art of Darkness.” Think dark-stained lips and paler complexions. For the ladies that tan, here is some initiative to lay off the rays.

Fashion advertisements and trends this season are all in favor of the grunge/gloomy look. Combat boots, pleather, studs, plaid, denim, you name it. The early 90’s trend is making a comeback.

So who’s to blame for this era of colors and culture? Marilyn Manson was one of the first superstars to sport black lipstick, dark lined eyes and an ivory face. But, the real credit for how it went mainstream is Christina Ricci’s doing. Thanks to David Fincher’s “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” the look for this season has sparked designers’ interests in makeup artist Pat McGrath, who did all of Lisbeth Salander’s makeup throughout the movie.

Today, McGrath’s work can be viewed at a majority of the fall shows from the recent fashion weeks. It was seen at Gucci, Viktor & Rolf, and Yves Saint Laurent.

So how does a normal girl living in a not-so-runway kind of world obtain this look? Go for goth. suggests CoverGirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner in Blackfire ($7.99) and Queen Collection Lip Color in Fine Wine and Tawny Port ($7.29 each). And if you’re really feeling the dark, try blending MAC Lipmix in Black with its clear Lip Conditioner (MAC Lip Conditioner. $15 and MAC Pro Lipmix in Black, also $15).

If you want to gradually gain access to the dark side, try jewel tones. Burgundy lipskicks, mulberry eyeshadows, and colors close to wine or chocolate brown.

Kate DeWolfe, a biology major from Austin, said she likes certain aspects of the goth/grunge look, but would not combine all of the heavy makeup together.

“I would pair a dark lip color with a neutral to none eye. I feel like heavy makeup on the eyes make people look dead or it’s just too much,” said DeWolfe.

To view more looks for fall or ideas to attempt your own take on makeup for fall 2012 check out more from the section “Art of Darkness.” 


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