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Hold on to your leopard skirt, python boots, or anything animal print. Vogue reports that a multitude of fashion weeks’ have taken on the  “Animal motif.” Vogue also classified the motif as the new animal print. The magazine also  announced the trend is creeping into spring 2013 runways after the outburst from 2012 fashion weeks.

Animal motif: Basically, articles of clothing that have been captured and released by animal faces. Street fashion photos from Paris to New York and everywhere in-between proclaimed the motif to be the most recent craze when it comes to fashion.

Not only are runway shows showing off the elaborate faces of glorified animals. Fast fashion retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Asos, and Forever 21 are following suit.

According to Tiera Gomez, stylist and Chrome employee, said even though leopard prints are timeless, it’s now all about the faces of cats, tigers, horses, and then some.

“A notable animal sweatshirt is the Givenchy shark tee,” said Gomez. “It’s more of a quirky fun trend rather than a “sexy animal” trend.”

The stylist said the animal motif was spotted last weekend at the Austin City Limits music festival. She said her friend wore a tiger face shirt from Urban Outfitters and saw similar images on tanks and other articles of clothing.

Leopard print may fall under the category of being timeless, but now the actual faces of felines and other animals is the cat’s meow. Be fierce. Be ferocious. Be fashion forward. All it takes is wearing your favorite creature and a little confidence.

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