Advising: The Helpful Job That Can Backfire

By Haley Turner and Sara Marshall Texas Tech students know that signing up for classes is not an easy process. After going to an advising meeting to remove any holds, waiting for registration to open, and hoping Raiderlink does not crash, students usually think they are in the clear to move towards graduation. But if […]

Annual Career Development Conference Coming Soon

When Texas Tech students head home for the holidays, some may also be heading toward a career, thanks to help from College of Media & Communication alumni. The annual Career Development Conference in Dallas, presented by the Dallas COMC alumni and sponsored by the COMC, will be held Jan. 11 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Mattito’s Centrum, […]

Living Life Abused

Two Texas Tech students, Samantha* and John*, dated for eight months before he laid his hands on her in an abusive way. She decided to tell her story, but wanted to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation. They were not officially together the first time he hit her, according to Samantha. She said it was because John […]

Valentine’s Day Thoughts From a Male Perspective

Across the aisle from hundreds of Valentine’s Day cards, someone is getting a prescription filled. Stuffed bears, available in every color, line the shelves as people put bell peppers in a shopping basket. Valentine’s Day preparation coexists with regular grocery shopping at Wal-Mart stores around Lubbock in early February. The shelves are stocked and stores have made […]


Thanks to this Spotify commercial, the Hub was curious: What role does social media play in student relationships at Texas Tech University? The Hub conducted an anonymous survey, which more than 100 students answered, and here is what we found.  Read: What’s Your Number, Tech?  After asking about several well-known social media brands, such as Tinder, Grindr, […]

Being Gay In The LBK

“Any sort of, like, outward expression of our love for each other, like, heads turn, and it’s a huge deal,” Chris Wheeler said. “We’ve never even held hands in Lubbock.” “We’ve never even held hands in Lubbock.” Wheeler and Richard Shaver, two South Plains College students from Lubbock, have faced adversity while growing up in […]

Movie Review: Fido

Ever thought of having a zombie for a pet?  Well, “Fido” offers a look into what that might be like. This Canadian-made spoof on 1950s America offers a comedy, romance and horror movie all wrapped in one.  There are some critics who think this movie was not good at all, largely because of the childish […]

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