The PoliTech Girl Speaks Out

In November of 2014 the inboxes of a Texas Tech University student filled with frantic texts from friends, her Facebook blew up with message requests, and later, her email cluttered with threats. Within weeks of the release of the PoliTech “Politically Challenged” video, it went viral, and currently has over two million views. Courtney Plunk, the […]

PoliTech Is at It Again, Releases New Video

PoliTech, a Texas Tech organization known for a 2014 viral video showing college students’ limited knowledge about American government and politics, has posted a second video. “Politically Challenged: Texas Tech Edition” has been viewed more than 2.5 million times on YouTube, and has elicited much criticism from various quarters. In the new video, the premise […]

3 Reasons to Vote

College students, are you going to vote today? You really should, experts say, for these reasons: Young adult votes are woefully underrepresented. Politicians take your grandparents’ votes more seriously because turnout in their age group is way higher. You’ll get a cool sticker. Even though Lubbock is a college town, young people’s votes make up […]

PoliTech Issues Statement To Critics

Last week, student organization PoliTech produced a video featuring Texas Tech University students who were unable to answer select history and current event questions. The Hub@TTU posted a story featuring the video, “Politically Challenged,” by writing a brief article about the new student group and embedding the link to the video on PoliTech’s YouTube account within […]

PoliTech Presents : “Politically Challenged”

“Who won the Civil War?” “Like the one in 1965?” A new bipartisan political group on campus, PoliTech, is trying to educate fellow Texas Tech students about politics through humor. Raul Cevallos, president of PoliTech, said the group was founded to provide the Tech community with unbiased political information. Cevallos said the group has members […]

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