The PoliTech Girl Speaks Out

In November of 2014 the inboxes of a Texas Tech University student filled with frantic texts from friends, her Facebook blew up with message requests, and later, her email cluttered with threats. Within weeks of the release of the PoliTech “Politically Challenged” video, it went viral, and currently has over two million views. Courtney Plunk, the […]

In Politics, Some Are More Equal than Others

By Rachel Blevins An elite group of voters called “superdelegates” makes up about a third of the total delegates needed to win the Democratic Party presidential nomination. Their unique power has led some to criticize their role as undemocratic. Timothy Nokken, graduate studies director in Texas Tech’s Department of Political Science, said the Democratic Party’s […]

Texas Remains Republican; Expected Results from Political Science Poll

The majority of Texans would vote for Republican Greg Abbott for governor if the elections were today, according a poll conducted by Texas Tech’s Earl Survey Research Lab. The preliminary results also said that voter photo ID laws would not be a problem with many Texas voters, and that more Texans have changed their opinion […]

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