Super Bowl 51: Betting on More Than the Spread

For many, sports are about watching games they love played by teams they love. But, for millions more, it could mean wagers involving serious amounts of cash. Sports gambling is a big business in the United States. Over the years, Americans have thrown more and more money into what has become a goliath of an industry. […]

15 Bucket List Items from Seniors at Texas Tech

It is officially T-minus two months until graduation. It has gone by quickly for me, and I cannot believe spring break is around the corner. With graduation near, some are thinking “what all do I really want to accomplish before graduation?” Whatever it may be, we all have something we want to do before walking the […]

COMC Student Ridin’ to Vegas for Miss Rodeo America

Kagan Massey’s passion for rodeo started early in life. She began riding at the age of 5, competing in events at 8 and rodeo queening at 13. Her interest stemmed from seeing a family friend, who was the county rodeo queen, participating in events. “It was the perfect combination of pageant with riding,” Massey said. Born and raised in New Mexico, […]

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