Humans of: J&B Coffee Co.

This week we take our “Humans of” series to J&B Coffee Co., a local establishment near and dear to the Lubbock community. The natural sunlight, chill environment and diverse menu makes J&B the ideal place to study, catch up with friends or host an event. “Bob Wood, Double T class of 1961. When I was […]

Humans of Diversity Week

Diversity Week is “dedicated to celebrating and understanding the importance of diversity” on Texas Tech’s campus. What are the qualities that you feel make you unique? RG: I was born in Mexico but lived the most of my life in the bottom of Texas. I am mostly reserved and quiet. I think most of it […]

Zombies Invade Texas Tech

Once per semester, zombies invade the Texas Tech University campus looking to shoot any human who crosses their path — with Nerf dart guns. The local Humans vs. Zombies group began the event on Monday. According to game moderator and marketing major Vernon Nguyen, the Tech chapter is one of many nationwide. “It started at […]

Movie Review: Nymphomaniac

Once I was lying on the side of the road: beaten, bloody and unconscious. A kind soul came to me and helped me up, insisting he call an ambulance to help. I refuse, saying I’m okay and will recover quickly, but the man insists on helping and taking me to his once. Once there, I […]

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