Politics of Long-Term Birth Control

By Kristen Barton In 2016, some women were deciding who to vote for. Texas Tech student Gaby Wohead was worrying about how the presidential election would affect her affordable access to birth control. As the election inched closer and Wohead saw the chance that Donald Trump would become president, she decided to make sure her […]

Life as an Emergency Nurse

By Karla Rodriguez Evyn Box, an emergency nurse at the University Medical Center in Lubbock, remembers the first time a case hit close to home. She watched as an Iraq veteran experiencing an active flashback was taken to a psych room. “My husband is an Iraq veteran,” Box said. “He has PTSD, so hearing this man talking—and […]

Is Texas Tech Child-Friendly? Take Two

By Audra Coffman, Justin Gonzales, Vanessa Ledesma, Anna Johnson, Halima Fasasi A 2000 report described Texas Tech University as “desperately” needing a childcare facility. Fifteen years and an 11,000-student enrollment increase later, no such facility exists. The document, prepared by the Child Care Exploratory Committee, recommended the construction of a 34,000-square-foot center to accommodate 200 children, with […]

Prosthetic Limb Advances Assist Amputees

“That’s where it all started was a wooden socket just like a pirate, you know, a peg leg.” Kent Phillips is a certified and licensed prosthetist at Lubbock Artificial Limb and Brace. His father-in-law, Cecil McMorris, is a bilateral below-the-knee amputee from the Korean conflict and started the business in 1962. Phillips said prosthetic technology has […]

Obamacare, What's In It For You?

Thursday night the Covenant School of Nursing hosted an Obamacare panel to answer questions that many still have about this controversial law. The sole purpose of this event was to give the general public in-depth information about the effects, give medical and governmental views of the program, and local predictions on what to expect when […]

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