SGA Executive Actions Influence Grad VP Shakeup

With the end of 2016, the Student Government Association Graduate Vice President also ended his tenure as the representative of the graduate student population. Kevin Koestler left Texas Tech University and created a vacancy within SGA that had to be filled. Under Article 3 Section 4.5 of the SGA Constitution, when a vacancy occurs in any […]

Conversations with Candidates: OneTech 2016

Tanner Warmoth contributed to this article.  All students at Texas Tech have at least one thing in common: we are all Red Raiders. Student Government Association candidate bloc OneTech 2016 hopes to unify the student body even more. OneTech 2016 has ideas on how Tech can improve every student’s college experience. John Michael Getz, the […]

Conversations with Candidates: Strive

Tanner Warmoth contributed to this article.  Texas Tech students are told to strive for honor. Four candidates for Student Government Association executive positions say they are trying to do just that. The Strive campaign bloc hopes to improve Tech by making it a more efficient and student-friendly campus. Ben Sharp, Strive’s candidate for SGA president, […]

SGA Election Season Begins

Eight students will be vying for executive Student Government Association positions for the 2016-2017 school year. The two candidate blocs were announced Friday afternoon. The first is OneTech 2016, which is the third campaign bloc in the last few years to run under the OneTech name. Its candidates are as follows: President: John Michael Getz, junior […]

SGA Initiatives, Saba Nafees: Improve Graduate Student Funding

With more than 150 graduate programs, Texas Tech University has a growing graduate student body. Saba Nafees wants to help grow those numbers by making sure anyone and everyone who wants to pursue graduate school can do so. Nafees, who is running for Student Government Association graduate vice president, aspires to make conditions all around better for […]

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