Athletic Fees Could Increase To Improve Game Day

A proposal to raise the athletic tuition fee for Texas Tech students could make its way onto billing statements as soon as Fall 2018. The Student Athletic Fee Committee, comprised of five students and four administrative staff members, are discussing a future increase of the fee $12.80, from $57.20 to $70 per semester. Since becoming […]

Game Day on a School Night

When Texas Tech University’s football team plays The University of Kansas Thursday night in Lubbock, some students and faculty will take the day off to attend the 7:30 p.m. game. Others will be working through the nationally televised contest, administering and taking tests. Students and faculty received an email last Thursday making them aware of the football […]

How Social Media Can Impact the Sports World

Story: Trevor Bell Aug. 15, 2013 Stories about sports make up a large part of today’s news coverage. In particular, information and news about star players are what drive headlines, and celebrity athletes can play a significant role in strategic communication efforts. In the past, audiences relied on traditional media outlets to acquire this news. […]

College Football's Effect On Campus Culture

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