Happy Birthday, Buddy Holly

If legendary Lubbock-born musician Buddy Holly were alive today, he would have turned 79 earlier this month. Although Holly died tragically at age 22 in a plane crash on Feb. 3, 1959, residents of his hometown continue to celebrate the rockstar’s birthday. Every year on Sept. 7, the Buddy Holly Center at 1801 Crickets Ave. offers free […]

Tech turns 91!

On Feb. 10, 1923, Texas  Gov. Pat M. Neff signed Senate Bill 103, which established a higher education facility in West Texas. What started out as the Texas Technological College is now our beloved Texas Tech University. Tech has seen many changes over the years, but one thing always stays the same — our school […]

Happy Birthday, Facebook!

Facebook has now hit double digits! Well, in age, that is. According to the Business Insider, on Feb. 4, 2004, Facebook launched as “thefacebook.com.” Creator Mark Zuckerberg was a Harvard sophomore at the time, working with fellow Harvard students to create a new type of dating website. The award-winning 2010 movie, “The Social Network,” depicts […]

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