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Graduate Executive Director
Alicia Keene is a dual master's student from Austin, Texas studying mass communication and business. One day, she hopes to work for a prominent news publication in a major city as either a reporter or producer.

Pursuit of Happiness

The air around us rapidly becomes more biting. The whipping wind isn’t helping. I’m aware of a man’s voice rising and falling nearby, but I can’t make out what he is saying anymore. I’m not listening closely enough. Instead, I notice how snow flecks are falling around, disappearing just before hitting the scarlet coffin. My […]

The Hub@TTU is Hiring for the Fall Semester

The Hub@TTU has positions opening up for next semester, Fall 2015.  You could make up to $3,000 by the end of the semester, for 20 hours of work per week. If you are interested in working with us, please send a cover letter, sample work, your resume and any questions to Alicia Keene at online@ttuhub.net. Please ensure you […]

Plane Crash Kills One in Lubbock

UPDATE: A call to Dr. Kenneth Michael Rice’s office confirmed he was involved in the plane crash. UPDATE: According to the police report, the plane was owned by Daedalus Air, LLC, which is located in Lubbock. According to Bizapedia, Kenneth Michael Rice was the registered agent on the plane. Vernon C. Farthing is registered as the second principal on the plane. Kenneth […]

The Hub@TTU Open Position

The Hub@TTU has an open position for this semester, Spring 2015. We are currently looking for a communications industry content manager. The paid job entails covering College of Media and Communication events and organizations as well as media and communication industry trends. You can earn up to $200 per week — $10 an hour for 20 hours of […]

Sorority Claims It Is Not Under Investigation

A story posted Friday on The Daily Toreador website said a Texas Tech University sorority was under investigation after photos appeared on a gossip website, but sorority officials stated that the sorority is not under investigation. Gawker.com alleged that members of Zeta Tau Alpha took racist photos before going to a “Border Patrol” party last weekend. […]

ICYMI: Farewell To The Hancellor

In our four-part series, reporter Evan Dixon sat down with Chancellor Kent Hance to discuss everything from his years as a student at Texas Tech to the Mike Leach controversy. There was a new installment to our series, “Farewell To The Hancellor,” every Friday in June. In case you missed it, all of the installments have […]

What’s Your Number, Tech?

On a recent, unscientific survey conducted by The Hub of more than 100 Tech students, more females – 36 percent – said they have had from two to four sexual partners. The categories of five to 10 partners, 11 or more, and none, each garnered 17 percent of the female responses. Eleven percent said they have only […]


Thanks to this Spotify commercial, the Hub was curious: What role does social media play in student relationships at Texas Tech University? The Hub conducted an anonymous survey, which more than 100 students answered, and here is what we found.  Read: What’s Your Number, Tech?  After asking about several well-known social media brands, such as Tinder, Grindr, […]

It’s Almost Official: Tech’s Getting Recreational Turf Fields

The land has been prepped. The committee has decided. After three years of discussion, recreational turf fields will soon likely be placed near the girls’ soccer complex and Greek Circle 2 — even though the turf field initiative did not receive two-thirds of the student vote on the SGA’s election ballot in February. Peter Brady, former chief of […]

Paul McCartney to Visit Buddy Holly’s Hometown

“This will sell out before it really gets started,” Texas Tech University System Chancellor Kent Hance said at the Buddy Holly Center Wednesday. At the press conference, Tech President Duane M. Nellis announced Sir Paul McCartney will perform a concert in Lubbock on June 14 — in Tech’s United Spirit Arena. Hance said Tech and […]

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